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The Latest in Roanoke, VA Bed Bug Control

AmeriVap Bed Bug Control System LogoHere at Bug Man Exterminating, we take pride in providing the residents of Roanoke, Lynchburg, the New River Valley and surrounding areas with the latest bed bug control methods.

Our latest weapon is the AmeriVap steam based bed bug elimination system. Using a superheated dry steam vapor, we’ll not only eliminate existing bed bugs from your home or commercial space, but also destroy any residual eggs and help prevent them from coming back in the future.

AmeriVap Steam Based Bed Bug Control is Safe, Effective

Bed Bug Control Steam Treatment PictureBug Man has long led the way in green pest control options, and the AmeriVap steam based bed bug control system in no exception.

Using common tap water, the AmeriVap system produces a powerful, 220-degree dry steam that instantly destroys bed bugs and their eggs without damaging furniture, carpets, bedding, walls, and more.

It also means there are no residual chemicals left behind to worry about for you, your children or your pets. Plus it kills dust mites, fruit flies, fleas, bacteria, spores and other undesirable microorganisms that make our lives miserable.


Get the Bed Bug Control You Deserve in Roanoke, VA and Surrounding Areas

If you’re ready for the best steam based bed bug control in Roanoke, VA and beyond, contact the Bug Man Exterminating team toll free at 1-888-345-BUGS (2847) to quickly eliminate bed bugs or other pests in your home or business. Call now!