Other Roanoke, VA Pest Control Services

At Bug Man, we provide additional services to keep your home safe, comfortable and pest-free. See our other services below and call Bug Man today!

Closed Crawl Spaces

closed crawl spacesIf you are experiencing problems caused by excessive moisture in your home, CrawlSpace Care® can be the solution! CrawlSpace Care® can help reduce and even eliminate a major source of excess moisture and solve moisture related issues in the home.  For more information, please visit

Real Estate Pest Inspections

real estate home pest inspection imageBuying or selling a home? It’s a good idea to have your home inspected for wood-destroying insectslike termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees. Bug Man provides Wood-destroying insect reports as well as other home inspection services that include water and septic system inspections.
Bug Man can access your home through the MLS Realtor Key Box to make your inspection process as easy and convenient as possible.

Pre-Treat & Green Pre-Treatment Services

New Construction Termite ControlProtect your new construction project from termites before it’s even completed: Call Bug Man for pre-treatment services. Our Roanoke pest specialists use Bora-Care to treat the structure of your building project, preventing termite infestations before they start.

Mold Prevention & Moisture Care

BoraCare Termite Control Product BottleBug Man uses Nisus’ highly effective Mold-Care product to prevent mold and moisture. This product can also be used as a pre-treatment to protect new construction from mold and mildew. Mold-Care is an eco-friendly product, designed with the safety of humans, pets and the environment in mind.

Mosquito Services

Mosquito Bite on ArmTo reduce adult mosquito and eliminate eggs from becoming biting adult mosquitoes. At Bug Man Exterminating, we provide reliable and experienced mosquito control service programs to reduce mosquito populations that threaten your family or property. Mosquitoes are a top transmitter of disease. Call today to learn more about effective mosquito reduction program.

Eco Clear: Pipe, Drain & Septic Cleaner

Want to get rid of drain clogs without the use of chemicals? Call Nisus Green Pest Control logoBug Man for an Eco Clear drain treatment. Made by Nisus, Eco Clear uses natural, non-pathogenic bacteria that have been proven to break down household waste quickly and effectively. Safe for your family and safe for your pipes, regular Eco Clear treatments will keep your drains clog free, naturally.

Green Insulation Options

HSQ logoBug Man provides green home insulation, a healthier alternative to traditional insulation. Many insulation products contain formaldehyde, which can be hazardous to the health of your family and pets. Our green insulation is formaldehyde-free and made primarily out of post-consumer recycled content. An energy-efficient option, green home insulation also provides cost savings by reducing your energy bill.

TPC Restoration

TPC Restoration Logo

TPC Restoration is a company uniquely focused on log home restoration and maintenance services. Established in 1997, TPC is fully certified by NACHI to perform log home inspections and is a one-stop-shop for log home restoration offering repair work, remodeling services and complete restoration. TPC is located in Southwest Virginia and is a fully insured and certified applicator for several log home stain manufacturers including Perma-Chink Systems (PCS) and more. TPC’s focus is on providing high quality workmanship and educating log home clients in order for them to make the best decisions about their log home. Give TPC a call for all your log home restoration and maintenance needs.


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