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Roanoke, VA Ant Control You Can Count On

Ant Infestation ImageWhen it comes to choosing the right ant control exterminator for your home or business, you need someone who not only gets rid of existing ants, but keeps them from coming back.

That’s why Bug Man Exterminators is consistently ranked as Roanoke, VA’s leader in ant control and extermination. Our ant pest control services employ a three-step method to ensure you’re ant free now—and for good.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: A Professional Ant Control Inspection. When you call us for ant pest control services, we’ll send a highly-trained Bug Man exterminator to your Roanoke, VA home or commercial space to perform a thorough, foundation-to-roof inspection. Identifying the source of your ant control problem is the most important step in taking care of it.

AntsStep 2: Extermination. Using the latest technology, industry-leading products, and years of ant control experience, we’ll eliminate any existing ant problems you have indoors, outdoors and anywhere else on your property.

Step 3: Prevention. Getting rid of ants is only the first step in any effective residential or commercial ant control program; making sure they don’t come back is just as important. We’ll help identify any causative factors and tell you how to guard against them in the future, as well as incorporate preventative treatments that will help keep you ant-free year ‘round.

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If you’re tired of living with ants in your Roanoke, VA home or commercial space, let Bug Man Exterminating help you get rid of ants once and for all. Book an appointment with our award-winning pest control company today at 1-888-345-BUGS (2847)!