Powerful Bed Bug Treatments that Work

Forget harmful, toxic chemicals that linger in your Roanoke, VA home for months and still don’t get the job done–Bug Man Exterminating takes a different, greener approach to bed bug control treatments that are so effective, we guarantee them! Our process is simple!  We…

1. Spot-treat excessive problem areas with Green-certified bed bug treatments. Our mix of green pest control solutions from Nisus get the job done while remaining safe to family and pets.

AmeriVap Bed Bug Control System Logo2.Use heat remediation to clean, deodorize, and sanitize in conjunction with our green chemicals. This heat remediation process covers all surfaces and sub-surfaces of your home with a hot, dry, 220-degree steam that instantly kills the entire population of bed bugs. It also kills dust mites, fruit flies, fleas, bacteria, spores and other undesirable micro organisms that make our lives miserable.  This steam service in conjunction with our Pesticide Application will rid you and your home from these problem bugs!

3. activeguardInstall ActiveGuard® mattress protection.ActiveGuard® leads the industry in mattress protection systems designed to help prevent future bed bugs infestations and allow you to sleep peacefully in your Roanoke, VA home.

Bed Bug Control and Removal Tips

Going on Vacation? Call us for tips on how NOT to bring Bed Bugs back with you!  Bed Bugs are known as the BEST hitchhikers in the world…we can help you avoid giving them a ride back to your home!

Quick Tip: Do NOT bring home USED Furniture, Beds, Boxsprings, etc…you never know when they’ll be carrying these unwanted visitors!

Contact the Roanoke, VA bed bug removal experts toll free at 1-888-345-BUGS (2847) to quickly eliminate bed bugs or other pest infestations in your home or business. Call now!