Are Fleas in the House?

So you see the occasional flea in your home and automatically blame your pets. Well, think again. Humans can bring fleas into your home too, whether you’re in the yard gardening or just taking a brisk walk outdoors, fleas can use you as a vehicle to get into your home. From there, they begin to multiply, and in just about a week you could have an out of control flea infestation in your home. Without proper home flea control like that from Bug Man Exterminating, your house can become full of these pests!

Spotting Fleas on You

You might suspect fleas are becoming a problem in your home when you notice your dog or cat seems to be scratching more than usual. But you’ll definitely notice when the fleas bite you. By then, flea collars alone just won’t do the trick to get rid of them in your home. You need Bug Man Exterminating professionals in your home to treat the existing flea infestation, ensure it’s under control, and perform the necessary treatments to kill the remaining fleas and those that would soon hatch.

The Best Flea Control from Bug Man Exterminating

  • What if you just kill fleas in your home and continue to bring ones in from the outdoors? The cycle of flea infestation will not likely go away that easily! That’s why Bug Man Exterminating has the best flea control solutions that not only take care of the problems indoors, but also control fleas outside. When we treat your home and/or yard, we take the necessary steps to make sure we provide a powerful and effective but most importantly safe treatment. We recommend the following steps be performed by our customers before a treatment, for the most effective treatment:
  • Protect surfaces by placing covers or barriers where needed
  • Leave the house undisturbed after treatment
  • Thoroughly air out before introducing small children or vulnerable animals to the environment
  • Remove all bedding and fabrics
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpeting and rugs

Say Goodbye to Fleas with Ease!

If you want fleas gone as soon as possible Bug Man is the one to call! We will help you understand the causes of flea infestation and complete flea life cycle, making you more aware of the need for professional flea control services. Contact us to learn more and get your free, no-risk estimate today.