Enjoying the beautiful spring and summer weather is some of the best times of the year. Unfortunately, spring and summer are when mosquitoes are the worst.

Mosquitoes are known for sabotaging outdoors events like barbecues and bonfires once it’s nice out. Nobody enjoys those itchy, red mosquito bites. If you want to keep mosquitoes off of your property, the mosquito control professionals at Bug Man Exterminating can help!

What Attracts Mosquitoes to Your Yard

Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant water. If you live next to a marshy, swampy area than your property is more susceptible to mosquito infestations.

Mosquitoes can even reproduce in bird baths or even a bucket of water filled with rain. They love warm humid weather and can be extremely difficult to get rid of. If you have a noticed a ton of mosquitoes in your property, we recommend hiring a Roanoke Valley mosquito control company.

Our Mosquito Treatment

When mosquito season begins, it is important to protect your family from mosquitoes. Our mosquito reduction program will reduce adult mosquito population and eliminate eggs from becoming biting adult mosquitoes.

At Bug Man Exterminating, we provide reliable and experienced mosquito control service programs to reduce mosquito populations that threaten your family or property. Mosquitoes are a top transmitter of disease.

Hire Roanoke Valley Mosquito Control

If you have an excessive amount of mosquitoes on your property and are wondering how to get rid of mosquitoes? Bug Man Exterminating can help! Our mosquito control experts have prevented infestations all across Roanoke Valley.

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes on your property, contact us today to schedule an appointment.