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If pests like mice, rats, and other rodents are coming into your home, Bug Man Exterminating can get them out. With our rodent pest control, identification, and extermination expertise, we can make sure mice are never in your house! Don’t risk your family’s health! Our pest control solutions work better than just standard mouse traps, we have powerful treatments and bait that will eliminate your problem, not just trap it. Mice extermination is just one of our pest control specialties and we’re here to make sure they’re no longer your problem.

Protect Your Home with Rodent Prevention and Control from Bug Man!

Bug Man’s powerful mice control and rat control solutions are available to customers at any stage of an infestation – both during and after rodents invade your home. Our rat control eliminates human exposure to rodent diseases and is effective enough to control rodents in and around the home. This is achieved by:

  • Eliminating any possible food sources for rodents
  • Sealing and proofing even the smallest entries into homes
  • Setting up bait and poisons that are effective

Effective and Humane Rodent Control Where You Need it Most

Bug Man Exterminating uses the latest and most effective treatments to get rid of rodents. We use solutions that provide fast, powerful, and control of mice and rats. The traps and baits will ensure mice are eliminated by working quickly and preventing escapes. We also know exactly where to use rat and mice control traps based on a thorough rodent inspection of your home to determine high-activity areas for rodents. Bug Man rodent control services will place the appropriate amount of traps and baits exactly where it counts to kill the most mice the first night. With Bug Man Exterminating, you can rest assured that mice will no longer be a problem in your home!

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