Your peace of mind matters to us. Bug Man Exterminating is the area’s experts on the types of pests that cause nuisances in Roanoke, Salem, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Lynchburg, Botetourt, Vinton, and surrounding areas.

We offer a variety of contracts to suit your home and business needs and budgets.

Selecting an all-seasons pest control agreement provides your best value and peace of mind all year long, knowing your home or business is taking preventative measures at pest management and having Bug Man Exterminating contracted on call.

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    Annual Pest Control Options

    Our most popular, value-saving program is our four-season pest control contract. Each season we’ll treat for the pests that show up based on the time of year. Because we treat by season, we guarantee your home or business is protected year-round from pests. If any of the covered pests resurface between service calls, Bug Man will treat for the insects at no additional costs and no questions asked.

    Contract options:

    • Four Seasons Pest Control: Our most popular option. Our residential customers get the most value because our contract serves as a preventative maintenance program that keeps your home under warranty all year long.
    • Monthly Pest Control: A popular commercial contract to maintain pest control. Also offered to residential customers, we treat mainly for roaches, rodents and mosquitoes on a regular basis.
    • One-time Pest Control: We treat for specific problems as well as general pest prevention, with a 45-day warranty. Great for short-term solutions like preparing a property for sale.

    Bi-monthly and weekly options also are available upon request and assessment of your needs.

    Pest control costs can add up if a situation reoccurs. Preventative maintenance can help keep pests at bay and be cost-effective.

    Why is a four-season pest control agreement the best option?

    1) Peace of mind

    You won’t have to worry about pests. Bug Man Exterminating works on a schedule and we’ll be on-call to keep your home or business protected based on your contract.

    You’ll save money in the long run. Emergency pest treatments can cost more than a preventative program. A Bug Man Exterminating technician on site quarterly will identify issues before they become costly problems. A pest issue identified too late can lead to structural damage or allow health issues to develop. The solution to those could come at a higher cost than any pest control efforts.

    2) Prioritize health and wellness

    Pests can trail disease through your home or business, which can cause minor or moderate health problems if not treated. A quarterly treatment program can prevent build up of pest residue and prevent health issues from developing.

    Pests change based on the season. What pests are prevalent in Spring and Summer may be different in Fall and Winter. We will treat your home or business based on the season to protect your home or business year-round from pests.

    3) Our 8-step promise

    Our 8-step green-friendly pest control program will eliminate your pest issues.

    1. We spot-treat baseboards along the perimeter with green or reduced risk products and prevent critters such as spiders and other pests from going beyond the barrier.
    2. We provide crack and crevice injections to treat the source of where pests may enter your home or business.
    3. Bug Man will place bait to protect your home or business from targeted insects.
    4. Bug Man will use environmentally friendly treatments to dust voids in your home or business.
    5. We will spray windows and door frames to eliminate entry points for insects.
    6. Bug Man sprays a six-foot band on the exterior of your home or business to prevent perimeter invaders from entering your home and business.
    7. Our granulated exterior perimeter will provide a long-term barrier for insects.
    8. We will eliminate spider webs outside your home and business with Nisus green product Webout.

    Some additional steps may have to be taken for certain insects or rodents. Bug Man will let you know the best course of treatment for your home or business – and what your options for treatment are.

    4) Bug Man Warranty Guarantee

    When you have a pest control agreement with Bug Man Exterminating, we guarantee all covered insects will be controlled or removed. If an issue pops up between services, just give us a call and we’ll take care of the pests covered in your agreement with no additional costs or questions asked.

    Benefits of pest control

    The worst thing you can do for the health and safety of your home and business is to leave a pest or rodent issue unattended.

    • Pests and rodents can leave a path of disease that can cause minor or moderate health problems if not treated.
    • Know where the problems are. Bug Man will work with you to identify the sources of infestation and help you improve your habits to naturally maintain pest issues.
    • Insects and rodents are naturally invasive species that can damage your home, business and property over time if not treated or maintained.

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