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Nestled near the mystical Blue Ridge Mountains, Blacksburg is among the most beautiful towns in Virginia. Residents love the area’s temperate climate and relaxed atmosphere. Although Blacksburg is a great place to live, it has its fair share of pests. Here are three insects that are always a threat to local homeowners. Be sure to check out our Blacksburg/Christiansburg location here!

Ant Control

Like an army of soldiers, ants work together to fulfill their mission. Their main goal is to find new sources of food and water for the colony. Unfortunately, your home remains the perfect habitat for these miniature-sized pests. Once your residence has been targeted by ants, expect to experience a great deal of frustration.

Not only can species such as the carpenter ant cause significant property damage, but you must also consider the potential health problems caused by ants in the home. Food contamination is always a major possibility. Furthermore, research shows that the presence of ants can exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms. The emergence of red imported fire ants has also started to concern some residents. With the ability the inflict a powerful sting, red fire ants need to be kept away from your property at all costs.

Mosquito Control

Only a few insects in the world are as problematic as mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes are known disease carriers, you should take the necessary steps to keep them at bay. Mosquitoes are especially active during the warmer months. Body heat and fresh sweat will quickly lure a mosquito swarm. Luckily, there are some effective strategies to deter these bloodsuckers.

It is always a good idea to eliminate any standing water on your property. In only a short time, mosquitoes can transform a small puddle into their new breeding spot. Experts also recommend keeping your garbage can lids tightly closed. If you decide to host a summer cookout, don’t hesitate to light a few citronella candles in the yard.

Termite Control

For good reason, every homeowner fears a termite infestation. Although termites often build colonies in the soil, they can also be found hiding underneath your home. These wood-eating insects thrive in moist environments. From sagging floors to leaky roofs, termites can cause an incredible amount of property damage.

To prevent termites from causing an expensive repair bill, the best approach is to take action immediately. The presence of wings and termite shelter tubes indicates that you are already dealing with a major problem.

Be sure to contact Bug Man Exterminating for all of your pest control needs. Aside from treating homes, we also provide commercial pest control. From mosquitoes to rodents, we have the expertise to handle a wide variety of different pests. Our professional technicians always consider quality to be a top priority.

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