Christiansburg’s windy climate and relatively high altitude don’t stop pests from taking up residence here. The wide swaths of wilderness that make up the iconic New River Valley attract all kinds of wildlife in search of food, shelter and water. Although these features cater to the friendly communities that make Southwestern Virginia so welcoming, they also provide the perfect conditions for pests that can wreak havoc in residences and businesses.

At Bug Man Exterminating, we don’t think that Christiansburg’s property owners and business leaders should constantly have to do battle with nature. Our green pest control services make it easy to coexist with the wild elements that make life here so attractive, and we’re always happy to offer proven solutions to people’s insect, vermin and wildlife challenges.

Residential Pest Control

Smart residential pest control goes way beyond spraying some toxic chemicals around an infested house and calling it a day. Effective mitigation techniques take a holistic approach that starts with inspections designed to find out exactly how infestations began. By approaching each pest problem on a case-by-case basis, we’re able to reduce the likelihood of future issues and lower treatment costs.

Our experience lets us not only remove existing infestations but also correct the conditions that allowed them to thrive in the first place, so homeowners can count on not having to reapply the same treatments every time spring rolls around. What’s more, our pest control techniques are designed to be safe for families, pets and the environment, so homeowners no longer have to wrestle with the ecological impacts of keeping their properties infestation-free.

Commercial Pest Control

e know how hard it can be to run a business, so we sympathize with owners who also have to deal with pests. Failing to prevent insect and animal incursions can result in everything from permanent negative publicity to loss of stock or even regulatory backlash. Our proactive services make it possible to sidestep these outcomes and keep your business moving in the right direction.

We apply decades of knowledge to correct and prevent commercial pest problems. Since these buildings often feature large spaces, proximity to undeveloped land and lots of operational foot traffic, keeping infestations in control demands a special skill set, and we’re more than qualified enough to step up to the challenge.

Comprehensive, Green Pest Services

We offer a range of services that make it easy to ensure your home or business accommodates humans without also welcoming pests, including:

Crawl Space Services

id you know? We also offer a number of services aside from pest control. Bug Man Exterminating also helps homeowners with crawl space closure and other crawl space services!

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