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Whether you’re battling ants, bed bugs or termites, pest infestations are irritating. Repeated problems may develop if your home or business has numerous entry points for pests as well as sources of food and water. In Roanoke, Virginia, high humidity contributes to frequent pest activity in the spring and summer. Mosquitoes, carpenter ants and termites love humid weather. In the winter, you might have problems with spiders, bugs, and rodents that come indoors to enjoy your warm house.

We understand how annoying seasonal outbreaks and persistent pest problems are. That’s why we started our business in 1994. Save time and avoid frustration by having our licensed professionals handle the problem for you. At Bug Man Exterminating, we specialize in green-certified treatments that control pests quickly and provide lasting protection. We can rid your home or business of common pests and the most stubborn infestations of termites or bed bugs.

Termite Control

In Roanoke, the risk of a termite infestation is moderate to heavy. Subterranean termites feast on older homes and new construction. They prefer buildings that have moisture problems or areas where wooden building materials touch the soil. Regardless of your home’s risk factors, you can prevent termite damage by having your property inspected every other year or by treating the building site before the project begins.

To control active infestations, we apply a liquid termiticide called Termidor to create a barrier that eliminates the entire colony. Over the past 20 years, Termidor has protected 4 million homes in the United States. We also use Bora-Care preventive treatments to protect wood from termite infestations, wood-destroying organisms, and fungi. Bug Man Exterminating offers termite inspection, removal, and control services in Roanoke, Virginia to those with termite infestations.

Bed Bug Control

After years away from the public eye, bed bugs have made one of the most publicized comebacks of all time. These obnoxious pests are sneaky, and they rely on primitive instincts to survive. Unfortunately, this means that they’re difficult to detect and difficult to treat using conventional methods.

At Bug Man Exterminating, we use state-of-the-art heat remediation equipment to kill bed bugs wherever they’re hiding. Eco-certified chemical spot treatments are ideal for items that can’t stand high temperatures. We also recommend pest-proof mattress protectors that inhibit bed bug activity. Our certified technicians are trained to perform the most effective treatments available today. We offer a comprehensive range of home services.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl spaces aren’t as scary as dark, damp basements, but you never know what you’ll find lurking down there. You might encounter rodents, bugs, and microorganisms that appreciate the amenities. Condensation and rainwater boost the humidity in your crawl space, but the problem can affect your entire house. If your basement has a moisture problem, you might notice musty odors, mold growth, and low indoor air quality. Poorly weatherized crawl spaces drive up heating and cooling bills and cause uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

To improve your home’s energy efficiency, consider crawl space encapsulation. A green crawl space can lower your heating and cooling bills by 18 percent if you have a dirt-floor crawl space. Encapsulation prevents problems with humidity, mold, and fungi while expanding your storage space. First, we dry the structure. Then, we install insulation panels and a robust vapor barrier that keeps the moisture where it belongs. A weather-tight crawl space can strengthen your home’s insulation envelope and prevent pest problems.

If you’re concerned about bed bug infestations, termite damage or moisture problems in your crawl space, have our licensed technicians inspect your home. Call Bug Man Exterminating today to get a free quote.

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