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Salem may not be the biggest town in Virginia, but it is by far one of the most welcoming. Located in Roanoke County, Salem is a community that dreams big. Despite its modest size, Salem has both a college and a minor league baseball team. Thanks to the warm, wet summers, Salem also has a number of pests. No matter how lovely Salem is, when pests or moisture invade your home, life is miserable. To combat this problem, learn more about the service options from Bug Man Exterminating.

Termite Inspection & Control

Termites are so small that it is hard to believe they can cause such big problems. Unfortunately, termites are among the most dreaded pests in the entire country. With Salem’s warm summers and mild winters, termites pose a threat all year long. Termite problems are often hard to spot at first. However, if you notice any signs of rotted wood on your property, it is best to get things checked out. It is also a good idea to have a termite inspection if other homes in the area have been treated for termites. When treating termites, it is important to have a smart, dedicated team. This way, the source of the infestation can be identified, and active measures can be taken to eliminate these miserable pests once and for all. Bug Man Exterminating provides termite inspection, removal, and control services in Salem, Virginia to ensure your house is a home only to you and not termites.

Bed Bug Control

Another pest you rarely see but definitely cannot miss is the bed bug. Bed bugs are best known for taking up residence in your mattress or sheets, but they can also infest other fabrics in your home. This includes your clothes. Most people shudder at the idea of bugs in the bed, but the outcome is even worse. Bed bugs can bite, and while they are not typically dangerous, they can cause unsightly marks on your skin that are uncomfortable. Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy task, which is why we recommend our innovative service options. Let us inspect your home to determine the extent of the infestation. Then, we will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that gives you peace of mind once again.

Closed Crawl Space and Encapsulation Services

While we are able to treat most of your pest problems, we also believe that prevention is the best route. Because of that, we like to help you stop pest problems before they start. One of the best ways to do that is to treat your crawl space. A crawl space serves as part of your home’s foundation, and it can be used for storage, safety and more. However, crawl spaces are dug into the ground, which makes them susceptible to moisture and pests. Many times, pest infestations start in an unprotected crawl space. This is especially true if lots of moisture is present. By closing your crawl space or encapsulating it, you can keep out the moisture and pests. This process can also lead to reduced energy costs, odor prevention, and more. In fact, a closed crawl space can even improve the structural integrity of your home.

Home Protection Options in Salem

Bug Man Exterminating can handle the most difficult pests. From termites to bed bugs, there is no pest too small and no problem too big. We can also stop moisture issues from ruining your home. Get your free service quote by contacting us today.

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