Say No to Spiders in Your Home!

Have you recently seen these creepy crawlers scurry across the floor in your home? Don’t worry about having to kill another one – let Bug Man Exterminating take care of it in your home! Although stopping spiders completely is a promise we can’t make, we can greatly reduce the number and frequency of these creatures in your home. There’ll be less unsightly cobwebs or eight-legged creatures crawling around your home once Bug Man makes a visit!

Spider Control Starts Outside

Spider control services begin with reducing the spider population on the outside of your home, which is the most practical method of preventing the infestation of spiders indoors. Because there are more than 30,000 different species of spiders, there may be a chance a few of them have found their way into your home already. But you can put a stop to this invasion with extermination services from Bug Man! We’ll identify the areas where they’re sneaking into your home like windows, doors, and cracks and apply our specialized repellents around the house.

Poisonous Spiders Bite!

Spiders are especially scary with their painful and potentially poisonous bite. Keep your children safe from these harmful spiders with spider control and extermination from Bug Man Exterminating. We specialize in treating for poisonous spiders that are common in South West Virginia:

  • Brown recluse
  • Black widow
  • Wolf spider

Web Out – A Green Spider Web Pest Control Product

Spiders Are No Match for Our Service

On each visit, your technician will kill and remove all spiders and spider webs around the home, docks & boat slips. This includes above the boat slips, outside light fixtures, under eaves, around soffits and can include web removal from boats if accessible and with owner participation & permission. Then the structure is treated with WEB OUT®, an environmentally friendly product that keeps webs from adhering to the surface for 30-60 days.

Call us today!

Contact Bug Man to get rid of these dangerous arachnids! Our pest professionals are uniquely qualified to help homeowners, providing fast and effective sprays and repellents. Our staff is trained on the biology, behavior, and the most advanced control techniques available to manage these dangerous spiders. We systematically inspect your home—from the attic to the foundation—and implement proven spider treatment techniques along the way.