Ways to Prevent Mosquitos off Your Property

5 Ways to Keep Mosquitos Off Your Property

There are over 3,000 species of mosquitos worldwide. In the United States, there are 176 recognized species of mosquitoes. These pests not only cause itchy, red bumps, but some also carry life-threatening diseases like malaria and Lyme disease. 

Unfortunately, mosquitos stick around year-round. Eliminate your worry about these tiny creatures by checking out this guide on different ways to prevent mosquitos from your property.  

Eliminate Standing Water

The one feature mosquitos need to breed is standstill or stagnant water. So that puddle or kiddie pool that has water lingering around is the perfect spot for these pests. Within just a few days of stagnant water, you can have a whole colony of mosquitoes. 

Avoid this by eliminating all standing water. Dump all water in unused pools, pots, pans and other items. The less water you have around, the fewer chances of you having mosquitos. 

Set-up Repellant Candles and Plants

If you want to keep mosquitos away from your property, set-up repellant candles or plants. Buy these types of candles in-store or online. Many of these candles have a strong smell, so if you do not prefer the scent, keep them outside. 

The types of plants that naturally repel these tiny insects are citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, catnip, bee balm, ageratum, peppermint, basil and sage. Find these plants at a local nursery or home improvement store. 

Clean Up Debris

Mosquitos do not just breed in standing water. They also produce their offspring in decaying organic matter like logs, leaves and fertilizer. To avoid mosquitos from multiplying, clean up all the debris in your yard. That means clearing away trash and decaying objects. While cleaning up, make sure to dispose of the items the right way. If you place them in a garbage can, make sure to cover it. 

Invite Mosquito-Eating Animals

Luckily, mosquitos are prey to animals like mosquito flies, birds and bats. While some of these animals are pests if they enter your home, they can actively help you keep mosquitos away. However, you can create a habitat for them further away in your yard. Do this by adding or building a bat or bird box in your yard. Once you have a box up, an animal will make its home and decrease your mosquito issues. 

Mosquito Control

Do not let mosquitos take over your property. By following the steps above, your home will stay in a mosquito-free zone. If you live in the Southwest Virginia area, make Bug Man Exterminating your local pest control company. For more information, contact us today.