Green pest control in backyard

All About Green Pest Control

We all want to keep our families and our pets protected from the pests that fly, swarm and crawl into our lives. They bite, they sting, and, if left alone too long, they can damage our homes. However, we also want to avoid exposing our loved ones and animals to potentially harmful chemicals. This is where green pest control comes in.

In Roanoke, pest control is a necessity. But you have options. Today, you can choose eco-friendly extermination methods that work to keep the environment safe as well as your family and pets.

What is Green Pest Control?

Green pest control uses botanical-based pesticides that blend bug-deterring scents and essential oils with safer, greener chemicals to protect your home from termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs and other pests found throughout the year. 

Green pesticides rely on a concentration of natural ingredients and are developed with research and rigorous testing. Because of this, they contain less chemical waste that can impact the environment, both when these pesticides are manufactured and when they’re applied in homes.

Bug Man’s industry-leading green pest products that are effective on pests and safer for your family, pets, wildlife and the environment. These options allow you to maximize home comfort, eliminating the pests you don’t want to deal with while minimizing the risk for your home’s human and animal residents.

Why Go Green?

First, it’s a better environmental option. You may buy organic vegetables, opt for less toxic cleaning supplies or ride your bike instead of driving. Cleaner pest control is a natural addition to the steps you’re already taking to care for Mother Earth. 

Green options are proven to work just as well as traditional pesticides that are more toxic. That means you get results while reducing the risks to people or pets as well as your surrounding environment.

Your green choice reaches beyond your home. Cleaner pest control generates less hazardous disposal needs and ultimately protects other natural resources in our community.

Is Green Pest Control Right for Me?

Going green is one of the many choices available through Bug Man Exterminating, and our experts are always available to discuss your unique needs and options. Green pest control is a cutting edge option, and Bug Man is certified by GreenPro and QualityPro to offer it. 

Schedule a free inspection to see if green pest control is right for you.