How do Bedbugs get Into Your Home?

How do Bedbugs get Into Your Home?

Bedbugs can get into your home in a variety of ways. These pests may seem little and harmless, but they can cause health problems and wreak havoc on your furniture, carpets and clothes. Once you know more about them, it will be easier to prevent them from making their home out of your home. Here are some ways that bedbugs can get into your home. 

They Latch Onto Your Clothes

The most common way bedbugs get into your home is by latching onto your clothes. If you stay at a hotel or visit someone’s bed bug-infested home, these little critters will cling onto your clothes and shoes without you ever realizing it.

Once you sit down in your car, your couch or your bed, the bedbugs will jump off from your clothes and begin infesting your living space. It doesn’t take much to start a bed bug infestation. Once a few bed bugs have made their way into your home, they can begin reproducing. 

To avoid this issue, make an effort to ensure that you do not stay at bed bug-infested hotels or visit homes with bed bug problems. Always read reviews online and check beds and couches for bedbugs when arriving somewhere new. You can tell if a place has bedbugs because a close examination of the pillow and sheets will reveal several little dark spots. Always look at light-colored furniture or bedding to get an accurate look. 

Do not Bring Used Furniture Into Your Home

Bedbugs cling to warm, dense furniture or carpeting. If you purchase used furniture from someone who has a bedbug problem, you will probably bring those bedbugs to your house. Before purchasing used furniture ask the seller if he or she has had bedbugs problems before. Also, clean the furniture off thoroughly or get it professionally cleaned to ensure no bed bugs are on the surface. 

Keep Clutter to a Minimum 

Bedbugs like messy areas and dark places where they can hide. To avoid a bedbug infestation, keep your home as clean and tidy as possible. Bed bugs are not attracted to your home and will not find a place to reproduce. 

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