How Much Does Termite Control Cost?

Discovering termites in or around your home is scary, especially when you don’t know the extent of the damage. 

If you see termites in or around your home, the first thing to do is to call a trusted professional ASAP. Taking early action will save you money in the long term and minimize the damage to your home. You may be tempted to take a DIY approach, but without the proper training, you run the risk of missing the extent of the problem.

Schedule An Inspection for Quoting Termite Control

Every good termite treatment should start with an inspection. Some termite control companies will give you a flat rate without ever stepping foot on your property. Skipping the inspection might seem like a good way to save time and money, but it nearly always costs you more in the long run. Often you pay for more treatment than you need, or worse, the area isn’t treated adequately.

Don’t Get Overcharged for Termite Treatment

The best way to be sure you don’t get overcharged and get enough product to be effective against termites is to schedule an inspection. The national average cost of a termite inspection is $100 and takes about an hour to complete.

Bug Man gives 100% free inspections. It’s essential that we assess the severity of the issues, measure the area that needs to be treated, and give you a very accurate quote to be the most effective in controlling termites. 

How Much Will Termite Treatment Cost

We get it. Termites are unnerving because they can cause extensive damage; a colony at its peak can chew through a foot of 2×4 wood in 6 months. That’s why we go above and beyond to make the most effective and accurate treatment plan possible.

Without an inspection, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact cost of termite control, but a national average cost falls somewhere between $1,200-$4,000. With Bug Man Exterminating, you’ll only pay for what you need and avoid future damage. We consider several factors when preparing your treatment plan:

  • Depth of treatment: termites live underground and only surface to reproduce and start a new colony. You might not even know termites are present until they’ve done a lot of damage or they swarm. That’s why regular inspections are important.
  • Amount of termiticide: we use EPA guidelines to calculate how many gallons per linear foot your job requires.
  • Quality of termiticide: We’re certified eco-effective and provide the highest quality product on the market. Not only is this termiticide effective, but it’s also safe for your kids and pets.
  • Preventive vs. reactive: Preventive termite treatment varies in cost to reactive treatments where a swarm or damage has been spotted.
  • Type of termite: Roanoke and the New River Valley have subterranean termites which means they build mud tunnels into the wood. We treat 6 feet below the surface to address the problem.

Eliminate Termites and Avoid Extra Costs with Bug Man

Termites cause over $5 billion in damage each year—that’s more than fire and storms combined! The cost of termite control varies depending on the job. But even the most expensive termite control is relatively inconsequential when weighed against how much you will save by eliminating the issues today. Schedule your free inspection now.