Spring pests termites in roanoke va

How to Prepare for Spring Pests in Roanoke, VA

We’ve shed our winter coats and flocked outside to enjoy warmer days in Roanoke. A number of spring pests in Roanoke, VA, also are getting more active and gathering in numbers and strength. 

Now is the time to put your pest control plan into action, such as using Bug Man Exterminating’s Four Seasons Pest Control. Our preventative, year-round plan protects your home or business from pests that come out in every season. 

Common Spring Pests in Roanoke, VA

While many types of pests emerge each spring, a few are particularly active and potentially problematic: termites, ants, stinging insects, and mosquitoes. Our pros have seen in all and are familiar with Roanoke’s most common springtime pests.

Be Vigilant for Termites

Termites are active year-round, but they’re particularly noticeable in spring, when young termites swarm as part of their mating ritual.

Signs of a termite infestation include discolored drywall, “bubbling” paint or wallpaper, small holes in walls or furniture and the discovery of mud tubes around your foundation. 

Once these little bugs are in your home, they’re difficult to remove on your own and can cause significant structural damage. So, if you suspect termites in the spring, we’ll come to do a termite inspection for free.

Stinging Insects Can Be a Pain

We have many different types of stinging insects in Roanoke, including a variety of bees, wasps and hornets. Seeing a few of them buzzing around is normal, but if you have a big swarm or discover a nest, you need professional help.

Blanket applications of pesticides can harm beneficial insects, like honeybees and bumblebees. And nests are unpredictable and dangerous to deal with. Bug Man Exterminating has the experience and know-how to remove stinging insects without anyone getting hurt. Call us for help today.

Avoid an Overwhelming Ant Infestation

Those large black ants you see crawling around are carpenter ants. They’re drawn into our homes and businesses looking for food crumbs. Common entrances include cracks in walls, ceilings or your foundation and gaps around windows and doors.

Once inside, they build their colonies in wood, which can cause structural damage, and they are difficult to eradicate. Bug Man is standing by to control ants, prevent ants, or just help you identify which ants you’re seeing. 

Mosquitos Flourish in Wet Spring Weather

April showers bring more than May flowers. They also create ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. They can lay thousands of eggs in puddles or other stagnant water that collects around your home and business. These eggs only need a day or two to hatch and become a real nuisance to people.

Bug Man’s mosquito reduction program will reduce adult mosquito population and eliminate eggs. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Bug Man Knows Spring Pests Inside and Out

Bug Man has been locally owned and operated since 1994, so we are experts when it comes to the Roanoke ara, the local ecology, and how to properly handle the area’s pests. Our service area extends beyond the city into Lynchburg, Blacksburg and the New River Valley. 

Don’t let spring pests spoil your plans. When you need pest control, contact Bug Man today for a free inspection