Winter street

The Best Ways to Prevent Pests This Winter

As you prepare your home for the chill of Roanoke’s winter weather, you can also strengthen your home’s defenses for winter pest control.

In Southwest Virginia, common winter pests include rodents like mice and squirrels and insects like roaches, spiders and stink bugs. All of them are drawn inside our homes for two things: warmth and food.

Keeping your home tidy and in good repair can go a long way in discouraging creepy crawly to come inside.

Block the Entrances

Pests get in through the smallest of cracks and holes on the exterior of your home. Use caulk, spray foam and weatherstripping materials to close up these entryways.

Check for holes where pipes and utilities go into your home, masonry with loose mortar as well as any gaps around outdoor faucets, laundry vents, doors and windows.

Pay particular attention to attics and basements, which see less human activity and offer long-term nesting options for pests.

Monitor Moisture

Insects thrive in warm and damp conditions. Rodents will search for water in winter and will be drawn in to humid spaces. Monitor the temperature and dampness of the basement and crawl spaces.

Make sure sump pumps and dehumidifiers are in good working condition. Repair any leaky pipes.

Store Food Properly

Don’t give winter pests a free meal. Keep pantry food stored in plastic, metal or glass containers with tight-fitting lids. Clean up quickly after meals and snacks and don’t let dirty dishes sit around.

Keep pet food, bird seed and any other animal food in sturdy containers with lids. Feed animals far away from the house.

Clean Up Clutter

Both rodents and insects will nest in boxes, dark cabinets, clothing or anything else that’s in storage and left undisturbed for months. It’s a great excuse to remove clutter and reorganize in the attic or basement.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Don’t let insects crawl from vegetation into your home. Cut back tree branches, shrubbery and any other type of plant that’s physically touching the outside of your home.

Also move compost bins, wood piles and stacks of firewood farther away from the house. All provide nesting opportunities for rodents and insects.

Year-round Pest Control

Your Roanoke exterminator, Bug Man Exterminating, offers all-seasons pest control and peace of mind all year long. With our four-season pest control contract, our professionals will treat your home for the pests that show up based on the time of year, guaranteeing you are protected year-round.

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