What is the Best Ecofriendly Pest Control Method that Actually Works?

We’ve all been there: you see an ant scurry across your pantry shelves or notice a spider making its way across your bedroom floor. No one wants to share their home with creepy crawlies, but some people are hesitant to call an exterminator to implement traditional chemical methods of pest control.

The great news is that there are effective ecofriendly or “green” pest control options on the market that can satisfy your desire for more natural approach while still removing unwanted pests from your living space.

Why Choose Green Pest Control?

Maybe you have sensitivities that make traditional methods of pest control impractical, or perhaps you’re concerned about chemical exposure for children or pets. There are plenty of great reasons to go green when it comes to pest control including:

  • Less chemical waste impact on the environment
  • Reduces hazardous exposure to manufacturing plant workers
  • Less chance of illness for you, your children and pets
  • High concentration of natural ingredients
  • Less hazardous disposal needs
  • Reduced chance of cross contamination between treated and “clean” areas
  • Same effectiveness as more toxic pesticides

In the past, green pest control methods gave homeowners the peace of mind they were looking for but just weren’t as effective as traditional methods for removing bugs. However, advances in ecofriendly approaches means that you don’t have to choose between going green and getting results.

Effective Green Pest Control

The most effective form of green pest control is a combination of integrative and professional techniques and botanical-based pesticides that effectively target a wide variety of pests. When you work with a certified green professional, you gain peace of mind on several fronts.

First, you know that the pest control used in your home is less toxic and better for the environment than more traditional approaches. Second, working with a professional ensures the proper schedule, technique, and application of these highly effective botanical agents. In other words, you can skip the guessing game and move straight to a pest free home.

When choosing an ecofriendly pest control provider, be sure to look for certifications that attest to their green expertise. A great provider should also offer a low-cost or free inspection to evaluate your property and determine the cause of your infestation. Simple solutions like repairing leaky pipes or removing open containers of pet food can go a long way in extending the effectiveness of your green pest control.

Contact Bug Man for Ecofriendly Pest Control

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When it comes to green pest control for Roanoke, VA and surrounding areas, no one can match our commitment to offering you the solution you need. Contact us today to book your free, in-home estimate for green pest control solutions.