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Botetourt is a peaceful county in Virginia that the 30,000 residents are proud to call their home. With warm summers and cold winters, Botetourt has weather for everyone. Protecting yourself from pests is vital whether you live or work in the area.

Pests that get into your home or place of business cause problems and put your health on the line, roadblocks you don’t want to face alone. The good news is that Bug Man Exterminating has your back and will contain your pest issue before it gets out of hand.

Residential Pest Control

Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in their home, but pests can make that difficult. Ants, bedbugs, spiders, and other pests can get into your home before you know it, causing tons of issues. They can damage your home in addition to spreading harmful diseases. If pests have gotten into your home, our team will contain the threat and give you peace of mind. Be sure to check out our Residential Pest Control page to see all of our offerings!

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners face the same problems as homeowners, but they also have additional concerns. A pest outbreak could harm your reputation and prompt fines from your local health department. Our dependable team of experts will respond to your request and get rid of the invaders before you face those threats. If you’re a business looking for top-notch Commercial Pest Control services, then look no further than Bug Man Exterminating!

Green Pest Control

Some people delay getting pest control because they don’t want harmful chemicals in their home or yard. If you have the same concern and still want a dependable way to get the threat under control, you will be happy to learn that we offer green pest control solutions. This approach minimizes the impact we have on the environment and keeps your pets and children safe. Because our green pest control solutions work as well as the toxic alternatives, you don’t have to sacrifice results to keep harmful chemicals out of your home.

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Getting Started

Our team is ready to help in any way they can, and we always give our best effort from start to finish. We can free your home or business of pests in no time. If you are looking for high-quality pest management solutions but don’t want to break your bank account, you will be glad you found us. We remain upfront and transparent about our pricing so that you know what you are getting before you begin.

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