Real Estate Pest & Termite Inspections are a Must for Home Purchases in Roanoke VA

bigstock-Closeup-Of-Man-s-Hand-Showing--61353272 smallWhen you are getting ready to purchase a home, there are usually a handful of items on your checklist that are a must. Some of these items may include a double oven, a formal dining room, a pool out back or a large walk in closet in the master bedroom. These are all wonderful attributes to look for in a home and finding just the right house that fits your every need is like a dream come true. Imagine moving into that perfect dream home and discovering that you have a termite or cockroach infestation on your hands. This is a situation that could have been easily avoided by getting a real estate pest inspection on the property before you made your purchase. When you have a professional technician from Bug Man Exterminating perform a real estate pest inspection, you are securing your investment.

Avoid Purchasing a Home that has been Damaged by Termites & Other Pests

There are a great number of pests and insects that can drastically weaken the structural integrity of your home. Termites are the biggest cause of this type of damage. Many homeowners are unaware that they have even had termite damage until a professional real estate pest inspection has been done and a significant amount of termite damage has been discovered. Potential buyers are always relieved they took the extra step to have the inspection to know exactly what they are purchasing. If there is a pest problem, buyers can use this information to leverage negotiations toward a discounted home price. It’s also a great idea for sellers to have real estate pest inspections performed before they put their house on the market so they can rectify any problems early. No one wants to purchase a faulty home, and the best way to prevent that mistake is to hire Bug Man Exterminating to perform a professional real estate pest inspection of the home you are interested in purchasing.

Real Estate Pest Inspections Benefit the Seller Too

As a seller there are benefits to having a real estate pest inspection as well. A pest inspection will allow sellers to have a hassle free sale of property with no surprises sprung on them. Taking this step not only gives the seller time to solve any existing pest problems that there may be on the property, but it also shows all potential buyers that you are being upfront and transparent with the entire selling process, without cutting any corners or trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

Whether you are preparing to sell or purchase a home, or stay living in it for now; contact Bug Man Exterminating today to take care of your real estate pest inspections and other pest control needs in Roanoke, Blacksburg & Christiansburg Virginia!

Avoiding Bed Bugs when Travelling & Staying in Hotels & Hospitals; Professional Bed Bug Inspections & Removal

bigstock-Bed-Bug-50770439 smallerFall is in the air and Halloween is just around the corner, bringing with it pranks of fake spiders, scary masks and a whole lot of candy. While most pranks do not scare the average adult, some do tend to be frightened by the sight of a spider or other terrifying object. One real life threat that may be creeping in your bed for real this Halloween is the infamous bed bug. Bed bugs are one of the most common household pests that humans will come into contact with. They can gain access into your home many different ways, whether they crawl through a small area themselves or hitch a ride into your home on some luggage or a pet, they can easily get into your home.

Places to Look for Bed Bugs

Once bed bugs have successfully gained access into your home, they will find the perfect place to hide to stay out of sight. Bed bugs have been known to hide in small crevices, furniture cushions, creases of a mattress and under the folds of a sheet. Bed bugs will hide all day long waiting for the night to come and the perfect moment to begin feeding on a host; which by the way is usually you. A bed bug sinks its teeth into your skin and slowly begins to gorge itself with your blood. This may sound like it could be painful, but surprisingly a bed bug’s bite rarely wakes the sleeping host. In fact, it is most often only when you wake up that you realize you have been bitten.

Avoiding Bed Bugs in Hotels & Hospitals

The risk of encountering bed bugs within the walls of your own home increase greatly if you are someone that frequents places who have a high turnover of nighttime guests. These places include hospitals, hotels and homeless shelters. Bed bugs thrive in areas like these and will gladly hitch a ride onto you to explore new options.

Bed Bug Control & Removal

Bedbugs are not known to spread disease but can be responsible for public health and economic issues. Bed bugs are small and usually reddish brown in color close to the size of an apple seed. If bed bugs have gained access into your home, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of, especially if they have established a nest somewhere within your home. The best way to permanently remove bed bugs from your home is to call in the services of a pest control professional. If you suspect bed bugs are in your home, contact Bugman Exterminating today.

Fall Webworms in Trees; Life Cycle (Larva, Caterpillars & Moths) & How to Kill Them in Roanoke Virginia

webwormMost schools are finally back in session, temperatures are beginning to be less stifling and more comfortable outside, and your air conditioning isn’t being forced to work so hard. Signs of an approaching fall are at every turn, including Halloween costumes already being sold at your local general store, football games on television and unfortunately the amorphous sacks of webbing that appear in the branches of fruit, nut and sweet gum trees. The webworm has arrived and wastes no time causing a significant amount of damage on every tree it comes across. The webworm begins to appear in late summer early fall, making this time of year prime for the destruction it brings with it.

Fall Webworm Life Cycle

The caterpillars that become the webworm are about an inch long with pale yellow coloring. They usually spend the majority of their larva state inside these nests, feasting on the encased leaves. As these leaves are devoured, the webbed nest will be expanded, growing larger and larger in size. This giant nest will accommodate fresh foliage that the webworm will feast on while inside. Eventually the nest will break apart and when it does, future moths will drop to the ground. Adult webworms emerge in late spring laying hundreds of eggs on the underside of leaves.

How to Kill Webworms

Removing the spun web nests of a webworm is actually quite simple. Use a rake or a long pole and simply pull down the webs and destroy the webworms by hand. The pest can also be eliminated by using biological methods. You can tear a hole in the delicate sack and allow natural predators like paper wasps and birds to eat the caterpillars within the webbing. This is an effective method if there are natural predators around, however sometimes the caterpillars find a way to survive or close the webbing back up.

Professional Webworm & Pest Control in Roanoke VA and Surrounding

If there are not natural predators present in your area, you can plant predator attracting plants nearby and test that method. The best and most effective way to rid your garden or fruit trees from the webworm is to contact a professional pest control service. A professional pest control service provides all of the most effective pesticides that are safe for your plants and trees, but still powerful enough to destroy the webworm, the caterpillars and the nest. Bug Man Exterminating will eliminate the presence of webworms on your property and keep your fruit trees and other plants safe form their harmful effects. Contact Bug Man Exterminating for the best pest control service available.

The Japanese Beetle Come back Tour; How did they Get Here and How to Get Rid of them

japanese beetle adultEvery year the Japanese beetle starts to emerge from the ground and will devour anything in your garden. They usually begin to come out during the early summer and are a major concern when they start to eat. The Japanese beetle is a small beetle that can be identified by the iridescent brown and green shell. They are really no threat to people but if you want your garden and plants to look nice they can be a real problem. You can tell if you have Japanese beetles by the pattern left in the leaves they have eaten. They tend to eat the flesh of the leaf and leave the remaining veins intact.

Bug Man Exterminating has prepared the following interesting facts about Japanese beetles:

1. The beetle’s population levels change yearly. Japanese beetles can be a larger problem when there is better weather and if the population of predators is lower than normal. Another way that the population levels adjusts is from the amount of disease and parasites that abound. These deadly diseases and parasites can be on the plants that the beetles eat.
2. They love the hot weather. When the weather is hot, these beetles are out in full force eating away at anything they can get. The best chance you have to catch them and get them off your plants is in the morning when they have just come out of the lawn. They are slow and don’t move as quickly until they warm up . This is a great chance to grab them up and drop them in a bucket of water and soap to kill them.
3. They can fly quite well and have been known to travel up to 5 miles to find food. They will go from yard to yard and devour all the leaves before moving on. They will also fly around looking for a mate.
4. They are not picky eaters. They will feed on a variety of different plants that include fruits, vegetables, weeds and native plants that grow naturally in the area.
5. The beetles communicate by the way of pheromones. They can talk to other beetles and call a potential mate this way. They only live for about 45 days so they eat quickly and communicate effectively to find a mate for reproduction.

Professional Beetle and Pest Control

If you have any trouble with beetles or any other type of insect you can call Bug Man Exterminating for an appointment to service your area.

Tick Trademarks: Yard and Indoor Tick Control

tickTicks are most commonly known for hiding out in thick forested areas and latching onto any warm blooded creature that comes close enough. Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of their host and dig themselves head first into the victim’s skin. It is important to check your own body and that of your family members for ticks if you have been out camping or hiking anywhere that ticks may be. Ticks are often found beneath the hair on a person’s head, in armpits, behind knees and other areas of the body. When removing ticks from your body it is important that you remove the tick in its entirety. If any part of the tick is left on or inside the host, the chance of infection or disease is possible. Ticks are infamous for transmitting Lyme disease.

Types of Ticks

There are a number of different types of ticks. Deer ticks, brown dog ticks, ground hog ticks and bat ticks are all named for the host that they are most commonly found on. Although they may favor a specific animal more than others, a tick is capable of feeding on just about any mammal and will take advantage of any food supply that it is given access to at any given time.

Tick Cycle

There are many avenues for a tick to take that allows them access into domestic areas, including your home. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, bats, rabbits, possums, mice and skunks are all known to host a number of different species of ticks. All of these animals, along with the family cat or dog, are responsible for carrying ticks from the wild into our domestic environments. A tick will latch onto an unsuspecting pet, which will bring the parasite into your home where it will drop its eggs. The eggs hatch onto nymphs, which soon grow up and lay more eggs and the cycle continues over and over again, resulting in a tick infestation inside of your home.

Multiplying Ticks

An engorged female tick has the ability to lay thousands and thousands of eggs that are capable of surviving in bed sheets, furniture and carpet. This can be an unsettling thought for any homeowner, pet owner and especially parents who have young children at home. To successfully rid your home of ticks, it is absolutely necessary to break up their life cycle. If not done so effectively, ticks will be in your home for quite some time.

Professional Tick Control

If you suspect that there are ticks inside of your home or on your property, it is time for you to contact a professional pest control service like Bug Man Exterminating. Calling and a professional pest technician will ensure that your tick infestation will be exterminated properly, using only the latest and most effective methods, protecting you and your family from the threat that ticks bring.

Termite Torment

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each and every year. They mostly feed on wood but also destroy insulation, books, paper and even filtration systems and swimming pool liners! Besides the monetary impact termites make, thousands of termites emerging inside of your home can be an extremely emotional and trying experience. Termites eat twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This means that damage in and around a structure can happen at an extremely rapid rate.

Termite Prevention Steps

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help prevent termites from invading your home. Most importantly, a home owner should eliminate or reduce moisture in and around their structure. Termites require moisture to survive and without it, their chances of migrating into your home are very slim. Divert water away from your home’s foundation by installing properly functioning down spouts, gutters and splash backs. Reduce the humidity in your crawl spaces with proper ventilation. Trim hedges, vines and other vegetation and remove tree trunks, roots, old form boards and grade stakes near your home. These all attract termites. Routinely inspect the foundation of your home for signs of termite damage and call Bug Man Exterminating for a most thorough inspection.

Termite Infestation: A Serious Problem

A termite infestation should be taken most seriously. Termites can and will cause tremendous damage to the wood and other cellulose in your house if untreated or if they are not treated effectively. A floor in the National Museum at Washington was undermined several times by a colony of termites that could not be located, until it became necessary to replace the floor with one made of cement. Termites have also been known to destroy frame buildings and libraries as well. The money spent on tearing down and rebuilding new infrastructure to termite infested structures is in the billions. One may think the equity of their home is in good shape. However, countless times after a termite inspection, the home owner is shocked to find that termites have moved in and the value of their house has just been turned upside down. Call Bug Man Exterminating before it’s too late!

The hard, saw-toothed jaws of termites work like shears and are able to bite off extremely small fragments of wood, one piece at a time. The problem is that these small pieces add up and over time they can and will destroy your home. If you are worried you may have a termite infestation, contact Bug Man Exterminating today. We will protect your home from termite damage and which could help to save the value of your home’s equity.

Ant Awareness

If you’ve ever found ants marching across the kitchen table or noticed a trail of little black ants crawling through the laundry room, you are definitely not alone. Ants are superb explorers and they will eventually find a way into your home. Ants are in perpetual pursuit of water and food. This makes ants the number one nuisance pest in America.

Ants in the Kitchen

Some places in your home are more vulnerable to ants than others. It’s probably not shocking that the kitchen is the ant’s most favorite hangout. Not only is the kitchen the greatest place for food access, but the kitchen sink provides a water source that the ants need to survive. And if you’re not in a hurry to clean up crumbs after eating a snack, you may be inviting ants in. There are some extra steps you can take to minimize the risk of giving ants the victory. Ants love anything sweet, starting of course with sugar. Store sweet goodies like honey, syrup and your baking sugar in air tight containers that snap shut. Also be sure to wipe them down to get rid of any sticky residue on the outside. Clean up grease spills from table tops and floors as soon as they happen. Be sure to keep an eye on your fruit bowl too as ants love over ripe fruit.

Moisture Attracts Ants

Areas around the home with the most moisture are well known for attracting ants. Places like kitchens, laundry and bathrooms are in the greatest danger of an ant infestation. Ants are experts at building nests in damp areas like under sinks and behind bathroom tiles. Home owners should occasionally inspect sinks, toilets and showers for any drips or leaks. Get in the habit of giving your bathroom a serious weekly scrub down. Use disinfectant and warm soapy water. Make sure lotion, soap and shampoo bottles are closed and secure.

Other common hideouts for ants are inside walls, bedrooms, living rooms, basements and HVAC units. To keep ants from finding a way inside, the home should be pest proofed around the outside. Seal any cracks with silicone caulk, repair holes in window and door screens, replace weather stripping and keep tree branches trimmed back and away from your house.

Ants are regarded as one of the most problematic pests to control because colonies often contain upwards of thousands of members. If you notice ants inside your home, contact Bug Man Exterminating today. We have the best pest control solutions to keep your home free of ants and other pests.