3 Tips on Keeping Your Pet Pest Free

Like all pet owners, you care about your animals and strive to keep them out of harm’s way at all times, but you might forget about some dangers that are just around the corner. Cats and dogs that go outside are at risk for getting fleas and ticks when you least expect them to face the problem. Since fleas and ticks can spread diseases, putting in the effort to keep your pets free of pests is a smart move. You will know your pets are safe, and you won’t need to worry about them bringing pests into your home.

Put Cedar Mulch in Your Yard

The spots in which your animals like to rest when they are outside are also perfect environments for fleas and ticks. If you want your pets to enjoy their time outside without becoming the target of common invaders, spread cedar mulch around your yard. It won’t take much mulch for your pets to enjoy the benefits, and you will be pleased with the results.

Give Your Pets a Flea Bath

Pets that already have fleas will need a flea bath so that they can get rid of the invaders. Not all flea shampoos are equal, so you need to look online or ask a pet store employee for advice based on the size of your pet. To avoid the shampoo, fleas will try to hide on your pet’s head when you bath it, but you can combat that issue by applying the water to your pet’s neck first. Covering your pet’s entire body with water and using the shampoo on each inch of fur will finish the job.

Get a Flea Collar

Now that you have protected your yard and given your pet a flea bath, you might think you have completed the process, but you have one last step to take. Avoiding future problems requires you to buy a flea collar that will offer lasting protection. If you would like to get the most from the investment, read the instruction so that you will know when you need to buy a new one. Your pet’s flea collar will discourage fleas and ticks from getting into its fur and causing itching and skin irritation. Inspecting your pet for fleas on occasion is still essential if you want to stay out of danger.

Bug Man Exterminating

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