5 Tips to Hiring an Exterminator

At some point during your time as a homeowner, you may need to hire an exterminator to take care of a pest problem. If you have never had to hire an exterminator, what should you look for? You need to protect your home and your family. So you want to make sure the exterminator you hire knows what he or she is doing.

Is the Company Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

When looking for a pest control company, you want to make sure that the company and its exterminators are licensed, bonded and insured. If a company does not have any one of these, keep searching. A company licensed, bonded and insured is not only protecting the company but also your property. If anything should happen from a treatment, the company can cover the liability.

Knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives

As you talk with the different extermination companies, pay close attention to the customer service representatives. Honesty is always best when it comes to customer service. If the representative or technician does not have the answer, he or she should let you know that he or she will get back to you with your answer.


A pest control company should not only be polite and courteous on the phone, but the field technicians should also show professionalism. When the exterminator arrives for your appointment:

  • They should arrive on time.
  • Their identification badge should be visible to the customer.
  • Their company uniform should be neat and worn properly.
  • The exterminator should discuss the treatment and chemicals.

Treatment Cost and Coverage

Before the exterminator comes for the service call, you need to discuss what the treatment covers and the cost. Make sure you find out if there is an additional cost for repeat treatments. Also, you will want to inquire about any type of warranty. If you are hiring an exterminator for trapping, you will also want to discuss the removal time period and frequency. For example, will the exterminating company continue to switch the traps as long as they continue to catch something or do you need to pay per removal?

Chemical Usage

Before your exterminator begins any treatment, he or she should discuss the application of chemicals. The technician should find out if you have any small children or pets in the home. This will help to determine the appropriate chemicals in the treatment process.

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