Ant-Proofing Your Kitchen

Ant-Proofing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a major priority for any homeowner when it comes to pest control. Kitchens are the main source of attractants for pests, as stored food and food debris offer ample fare. Ant-proofing your kitchen is an important move.

Ants pose particular problems, as they are tiny enough to maneuver through the most minor cracks and gaps. Their large numbers can present a never-ending invasion into your home. To prevent ants from coming into your kitchen, there are innovatively effective measures that block access and deter their advancement.

Preventing Access

The most long-term solution to avoiding ant problems in the kitchen is blocking access with physical barriers. If you already have an ant problem, follow the ant paths to find common entry points and seal them immediately. 

For smaller cracks, holes and gaps, using a weatherproof caulk is the most durable solution.  Larger areas may require concrete or plaster fills. Identify any other openings that ants could potentially access. A thorough inspection of the outer walls should be done. Put extra care to sealings around any pipework, ductwork, doors and windows.

After closing all ant entrances, you can add an extra layer of protection with tapes, sprays and powder around the walls to impede their progress from outside. Chemical applications include some of the most efficient and long-lasting options but these should be used with caution. Consult with a pest prevention professional when using more aggressive products.

Innovative Home Remedies

If you want an easy solution or are wary of chemical pesticides, cleaning your kitchen should be a priority. Ant-proofing your kitchen can be challenging. However, simple ways to repel ants can also be found in the everyday items around the kitchen.

Using vinegar to wipe down counters and clean up spills is particularly beneficial, as it disinfects your surface while also acting as an effective deterrent. Baking soda is an efficient ant killer and, when combined with powdered sugar, makes excellent bait. Bay leaves, lemons and basil all give off pungent aromas irritating to ants. In fact, you can place many common herbs within the kitchen to prevent pests of all kinds from entering.

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