Common Mosquito Myths

Mosquitoes are pests that tend to appear in droves in the summer months. While most mosquitoes are attracted to some scents more than others and some of the flying insects tend to migrate to certain areas throughout the year compared to other areas, there are a few myths that should be overlooked.

You’ve probably heard that both males and females will bite you. The female is the only one that will bite. She needs the nutrients to support her offspring and to stay healthy while breeding. They also rely on the nutrients and the proteins in blood for egg production.

Sometimes, people will say that mosquitoes like them because they have a certain scent while others will say that mosquitoes will stay away from them because the pests don’t like that person’s blood. Mosquitoes don’t care what kind of blood you have. There could be bacteria on your skin that mosquitoes are attracted to, but they really don’t care about whether you’re sweet or not.

If you have fair skin, it might seem like mosquitoes bite you more than someone who has darker skin. The reason that it seems like you are bitten more often is that the red welt that forms after the mosquito bites is more prominent on fair skin.

While there are some diseases that mosquitoes carry, not all mosquitoes transfer diseases to the people they bite. There are over 3,000 types of mosquitoes around the world. Most of these avoid biting people. Sometimes, a mosquito might carry bacteria before biting you, but most of the insects don’t have any kind of disease. However, if you visit countries with water supplies that are not kept clean, then mosquitoes that carry diseases are seen a bit more.

A common myth that you might not hear about as often as others is that mosquitoes only bite people whether they are large or small. Mosquitoes sometimes migrate toward larger people because of the body heat that is given off compared to biting both smaller and larger frames.

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