Do Mousetraps Actually Work

Do Mouse Traps Actually Work?

Everyone has seen mice traps working in the movies and cartoons but are mouse traps capable of stopping a rodent infestation? We at Bug Man Extermination debug this this common household tactic once and for all?

Will a Mouse Trap Catch every Mouse?

In order for you to catch every single mouse, you must know where they live. It is common to believe that they will be in the kitchen where food is close, but this is not always the case.

A mouse will only become tempted by a mousetrap if it is close to their living quarters. Although it is possible it is not very likely that you would be able catch every single mouse with this method.

The Best Way to Stop a Mice Infestation

The best way stop a rodent infestation is to hire a professional rodent exterminator. Only an expert will be able to identify the source of the infestation and use high quality treatments to get rid of the infestation.

Bug Man exterminating will identify the point of entry and eliminate the infestation, making sure it doesn’t return.

Mice Prevention

Mice enter your home in a lot of different ways. Here are a few ways you can prevent mice in your home.

  • Don’t leave food out
  • Seal holes and cracks in structure
  • Inspect home for points of entry
  • Contact a professional
  • Fix leaking pipes and other moisture causing areas

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Mouse traps simply will not get the job done. If you want the job done right hire Bug Man Exterminating. We will exterminate the mice infestation and prevent future infestations from happening. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.