Rodent-Proofing Your Home

Mice, rats and other rodents will enter your home as soon as they get the chance, and you might have trouble getting rid of them once they have established a nest. Most people don’t know what to do about the problem and struggle to keep rodents at bay. If you can relate to their problem and want to take action, learning to prevent the pests from entering your home can make a difference. 

Inspect Your Home’s Foundation

Taking a look at the foundation of your home is a smart step when your mission is to keep rats and other rodents out of your home and away from your property. If you don’t want to miss any spots, you can start at one side and slowly check every inch. Cracks and openings that are more than one-fourth of an inch wide will allow the pests to get inside, so you will need to repair them if you don’t want to face future infestations. 

Keep Your Yard Clean and Organized

Keeping your yard clean and free from clutter will discourage mice and rats from inviting themselves onto your property when you least expect it. Since they like to have plenty of places in which to hide, keeping your yard organized can prevent you from becoming a target. Also, rodents can use bushes and trees to get onto your roof and into your home, so trim any hedges or branches that touch or hang above your house. 

Remove Food Sources

Because rodents invade homes to find food and shelter, removing possible food sources will make your home a lot less attractive. Keeping your food in sealable containers will work wonders for reducing the odds of a rodent infestation, but you can also feed your pets in the morning and remove any food that they don’t consume. 

Take Pre-Emptive Measures

If you are like other people, you wait until you notice the red flags before you take steps to address a rodent infestation, but that approach is not always the best. Rodents are skilled at avoiding detection and can grow their population before you notice the threat, which is a situation that you will need to avoid. You can place traps around your home before rodents invade, and you will get the problem under control before it gets out of hand.

Bug Man Exterminating

A combination of knowledge and dedication will allow you to protect your home from rodents, reducing your odds of facing the threat. You must remember that you can never eliminate the risk of a rodent infestation, but turning to an expert can help. The professionals at Bug Man Exterminating can offer their support when you need to keep your home safe from invaders, but they can also eliminate existing infestations.