Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home This Summer

Summer travel plans can be exciting for you and your loved ones. However, especially during the hot summer months, it is also common for travelers to bring unexpected guests back home with them. For example, pests such as bed bugs commonly infest hotels and campgrounds. They can get onto your clothing or luggage and become unknown stowaways, leading to an infestation when you return home. If you have summer vacation plans, follow these helpful tips to prevent bringing bed bugs back home with you.

Inspect Your Hotel

When you first settle into your room, it’s important to do a quick inspection to determine if there are any visible signs of a pest problem. In the case of bed bugs, they prefer to make their homes near mattresses and other bedding areas. It is prudent to check around the crevices of the mattress, along with the walls, and in the bathroom and closet areas. Bed bugs can be spotted by the dark or red fecal droppings they leave behind. Sometimes they also leave behind pieces of shed skin which can be easily visible on the carpeting or bed around infested areas.

Store Your Luggage Off the Ground

Many people make a habit of placing their suitcases directly on the floor. While this can be handy, it can also allow any existing pests to get into your luggage and travel back home with you. Make good use of the luggage racks provided by most hotel rooms or place your suitcases on the bed after it has been inspected and found clear of insects. Hanging clothing in the closet and storing shoes off the ground is also recommended.

Keep an Eye on Your Skin

It can be helpful to periodically check your skin each day while you’re on vacation. If you notice lots of small bites, it may indicate that you have an undetected problem with insects or other pests in your room.

Treat Your Luggage as if it’s Infested

As your vacation draws to a close, it’s important to also follow safety procedures when preparing to travel back home with your luggage. It is best to treat your luggage and its contents as if you already have a bed bug infestation. For example, you can store dirty clothes and shoes in plastic bags and wash them right away upon returning home. It is also helpful to unpack your suitcase outside or in your garage. This way you can wash all contents and then clean and store away your suitcases after ensuring there are no bed bugs or other pests present on or inside them. Keep in mind that bed bugs can live for several months without feeding, so be sure the suitcases are clear of bed bugs before bringing them inside or simply pack outside the house.

When you finally get to take a much-deserved vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is bringing pests back home with you. By following the tips mentioned here, you should be able to avoid getting a bed bug infestation following your trip. If you do notice any issues with bed bugs or other types of pests, please contact Bug Man Exterminating right away for a complete inspection of your home. We can provide you with prompt and thorough treatment options to restore your peace of mind and get you back to the more enjoyable things in life.