Facts About Spiders You Probably Didn’t Know

Spiders are pretty common pests to see around and inside your home, especially as we head toward the winter months. You may see an increase as the weather changes. This is something to monitor as there are both spiders that can cause issues and those that are relatively harmless. Spiders are something that many people have fears of, but there are also many things that you may not know.

They are everywhere!

If you have an issue with spiders, this may scare you, but they really are everywhere. On average, you are never more than 10 feet away from a spider, and the earth contains an average of 1 million spiders per acre of land. Most of the time, you won’t see them because they are hiding away in a crevice somewhere.

Different Types

There are about 40,000 different species of spiders that are known, including 3,000 species in North America. Spiders come in all different shapes and sizes with their own unique look and characteristics.

Bites are Not Always Dangerous

While there are some spiders out there that cause nasty bites that can cause risky complications to your health, most spiders are harmless. Many of them do not bite humans, and if they do, the venom isn’t strong enough to cause any damage. It’s important to adequately diagnose what type of spider you have if you have an infestation problem.

Spiders can Jump Really Far

A spider is able to jump up to 50 times its own body length. Because of this, you may not want to get too close to them because you don’t know what they may do

Can Mimic Ants

Some spiders have learned how to mimic ants, so you may not even notice that you’ve seen a spider. Make sure to always get a professional opinion if you’re dealing with an infestation.

Blue Blood

The oxygen in spider bloodstreams is bound to a chemical called hemocyanin, which causes it to be blue. While many spiders are harmless, there are also those that could cause problems if you’re dealing with an infestation in your home. Contact us now for a free quote and to set up an appointment!