How Roaches Can Spread From One Home to Another

Roaches are nothing to be taken lightly. If you see one in the home, expect there to be more hiding in hidden areas. With that said, you will need to act fast and get pest control services on the job before there is a chance for cockroaches to breed and make more.

But where do roaches come from? What are the events leading up to a home infestation? Is it possible for an infestation to start from another home in the neighborhood?

Why Cockroaches Are Dependent on Humans

Simply put, roaches go where people go. They require food, water, and warmth in order to live in satisfaction. Despite that, they are insects and while many of us assume that they’re the most mindless creatures we come across, they’ve actually been around for 320 million years. That has been more than enough time for their wits to evolve so that they can pick up on the fact that humans provide the largest sources of food and shelter, in addition to coming up with easy ways to get to the sources of food and shelter that they crave. Roaches associate humans with food, so when they notice just about anybody that is out and about, they waste very little time to act.

No matter if it’s the house next door or a hotel on the other side of the world, it is possible for people to bring cockroaches home from another place. They can get into your bag as you ride in a taxi cab. They can sneak into a box that contains a product that you bought online. They can get into somebody else’s garbage and end up at your home thanks to a ride in a garbage truck. The possibilities are virtually endless for where cockroaches can come from and where they can head to.

Can Roaches Leave Homes to Look for More Food Elsewhere?

A house full of food is their gold mine. So, seldom do roaches leave houses in droves to search for other houses with food. While you might get the idea that hiding your food better will get cockroaches to leave, it is better to have your infestation dealt with as soon as possible.

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