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I Got Rid of Bed Bugs, Now They’re Back. What Next?

At Bug Man Exterminating, we’re dedicated to helping our customers enjoy pest-free living from all types of infestations, but bed bugs are one of our most frequent calls. In the Roanoke, VA, area, bed bugs tend to get a foothold into buildings before people realize they are there, and once they’ve established a colony, these small insects are very difficult to remove.

Often, our clients will attempt to treat their homes themselves when they notice bed bugs, and most are pretty successful in the initial stages. They remove all signs of living bed bugs, but just as they begin to relax and think they have resolved the issue, these pests start coming out of the woodwork again. Understandably, it’s frustrating. They’ve done everything right, so why are they unable to remove these pests?

Are The Bed Bugs Back?

While it might be tempting to think you’ve been re-invaded, the truth is the bed bug life cycle is particularly suited to surviving extermination attempts. Female bed bugs look for the smallest crevices and cracks they can find to lay their eggs, which then hatch in six to 10 days. Given that the adult bed bug is right around ¼ of an inch in size, you’re not likely to notice these tiny, clear hatchlings.

Unfortunately, that allows an entirely new colony to invade your home, and each female bed bug can lay up to 200 eggs over her two to four months of life. It also means that by the time you notice your new intruders, they’ve also laid eggs. Without proper intervention, the cycle of treatment and reappearance will continue.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Ordinary bug sprays are not enough to eliminate bed bugs from your residence. A combination of heat and pesticides must be used to truly kill all the of the living bed bugs, and the eggs that are waiting to hatch. That’s why Bug Man Exterminating only uses a combination of environmentally friendly, green chemical treatment in conjunction with a dry steam treatment. You can be sure that not only the live bed bugs will be removed, but that any eggs that have been laid will never hatch.

Our combination treatment helps to break this cycle, and when combined with our preventative ActiveGuard® mattress protectors, you can help prevent any other bed bugs from establishing a new colony.

If you have bed bugs, you need Bug Man Exterminating’s professional, multi-step treatment process to truly eliminate the problem. Contact us and one of our certified technicians will schedule your services today.