Keeping Your Crawlspace/Basement Dry in the Winter

Winter takes its toll on houses across Virginia, creating problems such as leaky roofs and wet crawlspaces. If it snows, the situation gets much worse. When the snow melts, it seeps through cracks and crevices and infiltrates basements and crawlspaces, causing everything from mold and mildew to wood rot.

4 Ways to Keep Your Crawlspace Dry in the Winter

Keep snow away from the foundation.

When it snows, make sure to shovel it away from the foundation. The closer snow is to your home, the more likely it is to leak water into your home as it melts. You can avoid a majority of winter damage by keeping the snow as far away from the foundation as possible.

Check your pipes regularly.

Frozen pipes are never good in the winter since they can burst and leak water throughout your home. Take the time to inspect your plumbing during the winter, and check for leaks or signs of moisture on and around the pipes.

Clean out the gutters.

Clear gutters move water away from the roof and send it down the spouts, where it’s sent away from the foundation. Clogged gutters block the water and cause it to overflow down the fascia to the foundation below. As water pools on the ground, it will seep into the crawlspace and lead to costly repairs.

Insulate your crawlspace.

If water has seeped into your crawlspace, think about insulating the area and sealing every crack and crevice. You have to think of the crawlspace as an important part of your home. It should have proper insulation and a foundation for repelling moisture that could have devastating effects on the rest of the house.

Get Moisture Protection for Your Home

It’s important to take care of your home in the winter as you would during the spring and summer months. After all, it’s prone to damage from excess rainfall and occasional snow showers. Bug Man Exterminating provides crawlspace closure and encapsulation services to prevent dampness, mold and wood rot. Maintaining your home and investing in CrawlSpace Care will keep your basement or crawlspace nice and dry throughout the year.