Most Aggressive Pests in the Fall

Fall has arrived, and the days are growing shorter and cooler. Some pests become more active during the fall, looking for a warm shelter to escape the chilly days and nights. From a bug’s perspective, your home may be an inviting and cozy place to overwinter.

As the autumn season settles in, you may find some unwanted houseguests. Are you wondering which bugs may be invading your home? Here are some of the most aggressive pests in the fall in southwestern Virginia.

Box Elder Bugs

An unusual looking pest, box elder bugs have orange or red stripes marking a black body. They are most likely to enter your home during the fall. Sun-loving pests, you may find them in rooms with a lot of sun exposure. They are considered harmless though they can become a nuisance in your living quarters. Cracks and crevices around windows, doors and foundations are the most common access areas around your house.


Like many insects, warmth-seeking spiders move into your home during the fall. Most spiders are harmless with the exception of the Brown Recluse and Black Widow. Though many people fear spiders, they tend to avoid humans and are more active at night. Spiders typically hang out in attics, basement and garages, and they prey upon other insects in your home. Entry points include cracks, crevices and any gaps around doors or window screens.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs often go dormant in the winter. They will invade your home, hoping to find a safe, warm place to settle down during colder weather. As their name suggests, they release an offensive odor when crushed or frightened. Attracted to warmth and light, they may be found outside on the sides of your home. From there, they easily crawl into your house through torn screens and tiny cracks around doors and windows.

Home Prevention Tips

As a homeowner, there are several things that you can do to help keep pests outside of your house. Seal any gaps, crevices and cracks you find around windows, doors and the foundation.

Repair or replace torn screens. Since water also attracts insects, make sure leaking pipes or hose bibs near your house are fixed.

Are you concerned about these insects or any other pests? Contact Bug Man Exterminating and schedule a free inspection of your home. We can help with your pest control needs. Get in touch today for a bug free home!