Plants That Deter Bees and Wasps

Infestations of bees or wasps can get in the way of your gardening plans by presenting danger. There are several natural methods that you can use to prevent them from entering your yard in order to protect your family. The following are plants that deter bees and wasps.

Carnivorous Plants

If you live in the appropriate climate to grow healthy carnivorous plants, then you have access to an excellent way of dealing with bees and wasps. Pitcher plants in particular are one of the best ways to naturally protect your garden by killing wasps. Once they’re caught in the trap of a carnivorous plant, they will have difficulty escaping and eventually die.


Wormwood is an insect-repelling plant that you can incorporate into your defense against bees and wasps. The plant is toxic to humans, pets and other plants, so you must take precaution when choosing a location to grow it. If you grow wormwood too close to your garden, the plants could end up becoming poisoned.


Lemongrass has natural insecticidal properties that are excellent for repelling wasps. Not only will this prevent pests from attacking your garden, lemongrass has a wide variety of uses in cooking and making tea.


The scent of mint and the oils within the plant are incredibly useful for deterring wasps. The growth rate of mint is rapid, so make sure that it doesn’t completely take over your garden. You can use the fully grown mint for cooking and making tea.


Marigolds will not deter honey bees that are seeking nectar, but the smell of the flowers will drive wasps away. They’re durable plants, and require little effort to care for when they’re planted in the ground. The colorful flowers will make an attractive addition to your garden.


Red geraniums produce little to no pollen and will not attract bees, because they’re unable to see the color red. The scent of the flowers are unpleasant to stinging insects and will cause them to leave the area.

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