Signs There Might be Fleas in Your Home

Fleas need blood to survive. If they’re inside your home, they’ll be dining on your blood as well as the blood of your family members and pets.

These minute bugs can’t fly, but they sure can jump far. What’s more, once they’ve infiltrated your residence, they’ll find excellent hiding spots in curtains, carpets, furniture, and other places.

You might notice a group of fleas somewhere in your home. These creatures have flat, brownish-red bodies, six legs, and no wings. Usually, they’re about a tenth of an inch long.

On the other hand, you might not notice the fleas themselves. If that’s the case, there are still some giveaways that these insects are living with you.

Telltale Substances

There are two kinds of organic material that fleas leave behind. One is their waste, which resembles pepper in size and color. They also lay white eggs, which look like grains of salt.

You might find these tiny objects strewn about your carpets, your bed sheets, or your pet’s bed.

A Whole Lot of Biting Going On

The most obvious signs of fleas are flea bites. If you have tiny red lumps on your body — most likely on your feet, shins, or calves — you may be the victim of these voracious insects. Those spots will probably itch; it’s an unpleasant reaction to the bugs’ saliva.

Unfortunately, those bites can sometimes lead to rashes and hives. Even worse, some people are allergic to fleabites and will experience attacks. Such an episode could include dangerous facial swelling and an inability to breathe.

Pets Under Duress

Your poor pets might be scratching themselves constantly, and they might even try to bite themselves. These harmful actions could lead to wounds and bare patches on their bodies where the fur has fallen out.

If you see this kind of behavior in your dog or cat, you could use a flea comb to carefully check for those insects.

In addition, your pet’s gums may have turned pale. If so, it’s possible that fleas are consuming so many of your furry friend’s red blood cells that he or she has become anemic. Indeed, if you ever notice discolored gums, you should schedule a veterinary appointment as soon as you can.

Take a Stand Against Fleas

Fleas are stubborn creatures and nearly impossible for laypeople to eliminate. Luckily, they’re no match for experienced pest control experts like those at Bug Man Exterminating. If you observe any of the signals above, you can contact Bug Man Exterminating for nontoxic and highly efficient flea-ridding methods.