Tips for Year-Round Pest Control

You might take a vacation once in a while, but pests don’t. No matter if it’s scorching hot out in the middle of July, or a wintry blizzard in January, it can be pest season all year round, largely due to the dependency that pests have on humans and their large abodes. You need food and warmth, and this is what pests love, too.

Truth be told, pests love warm, humid areas, and no matter what month it is, there is likely at least one place inside the home that a pest can live without you ever knowing before the habitat grows and it is too late.

So here are a few suggestions to help you maintain your home and prevent pest infestations all year round:

Clean Up Your Kitchen

Try to keep the kitchen as clean as you can, meaning you should not leave discarded food and food waste unattended. Wash the dishes, vacuum, mop and sweep on occasion, and keep all floors and surfaces free of crumbs, so the pests don’t pick up any trace of food. Even the smallest particle of food can contain sugar that pests crave. If you manage food in a pantry, be sure that any and all bags and containers are properly sealed as well.

Look for Holes and Cracks Around the Home

You would like a home that is 100 percent impenetrable. Pests should not be able to get through walls, foundations, floors, vents, roofing or any other openings. If you do notice any holes or cracks, you should have them sealed or caulked as soon as possible, either by yourself or with professional help.

Keep Firewood Away from The Home

If you have a fireplace, it is important to be wise where you store your firewood. Fresh wood can give off a strong, attractive scent for all kinds of bugs, and firewood is also a great place for them to collect moisture and hide in the darkness. If you have a designated area for firewood inside the home, please reconsider. You should have your firewood outside the home and away from it as far as you can allow.

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