Top 10 Most Likely Pest Infestation Areas in Your Home

Shoo the flies back outdoors. Knock down the spider webs. Sweep your house clean. And enjoy your pest-free home, right? Not quite. Pests hide. But knowing their favorite spots gives you the ammo to rid your home of these…well, pests.

Areas in Your Home Pests Love

Cluttered areas of your home attract pests. Neat and tidy spaces deter pests. But they may still try to move in.


Moisture and a bit of food, soap or hair makes home-sweet-home for pests. Drain flies love this location. Cockroaches, mice and silverfish enter here as well. Keeping drains clean and clog-free prevents sink entry.


The sweet smell of garbage brings pests a running. Flies, mice and raccoons love open bags of garbage or loosely covered trash bins. To keep them at bay, seal trash cans and remove trash.


Moths, mice, spiders and bugs love the dark mystery of closets. Clutter, nooks for hiding and fabric to munch entice them. Keeping closets tidy, wiping baseboards and protecting clothes decreases the problem.

Inside Walls

Electrical wires and insulation are at risk from pests in a home’s walls. Strategically placed traps draw them out. It’s important not to seal them in. Problems arise when pests die in the walls.


Some pests run to high ground. Cockroaches seek safety above. Cobwebs tell of spiders. Cracks and crevices keep them out of sight. Clearing webs is not enough to chase them away.


Fabric, dander and dead skin cells create an all-you-can-eat buffet. Furniture offers all three. Carpet beetles, bed bugs and fleas call the sofa, chair or couch home. Vacuuming upholstery and mattresses discourage these pests.

Piles of Paper

Cockroaches and silverfish munch on paper and binding glue. Even orderly stacks of books, magazines and newspapers house these pests. Small but mighty, they destroy documents.

Behind Appliances

The space behind stoves and refrigerators offers refuge and warmth. Pests, like bugs and rodents love it. Regularly clean behind appliances. Check hookups for sneaky critters.


Damp and less used, basements invite guests of the pest variety. Bugs love to hide in the dark crevices of a home’s lower level. Dehumidifiers and regular cleaning ward off these pests.


Scratching overhead means a critter took up residence in your attic. Mice, raccoons, squirrels, birds and bats love the warmth and dry air of this high-up space. Mousetraps capture the smallest guests. Larger ones require professional help.

Chasing Pests Out of Your Home

At-home solutions like traps, cleaning and removing clutter discourage pests. But sometimes more is needed. If you are weary of sharing your home with these pests. Contact us today. We offer professional solutions.