What Attracts Stink Bugs to Your Home?

Many different things can attract stink bugs to your Virginia home or the surrounding acreage. You might be able to keep them at bay if you relocate or conceal some of the most appealing items:


These insects devour an assortment of flowers and vegetables. They attack peppers, berries, soybeans, corn, peanuts and lima beans. Weeds may also draw bugs to your garden or yard.

The color yellow appeals to this pest. Consequently, you might find it crawling on sunflowers, garlic, mustard or daisies. If you live in an area with a sizable stink bug population, avoid using yellow paint.

Numerous fruit and nut trees attract these insects. They target peach, pear, apple and pecan trees. Stink bugs consume fruit as well as seeds. They often invade nearby buildings after the growing season ends.


The majority of stink bugs have herbivorous diets. However, certain species prefer to eat fellow bugs. They pursue and devour many different insects rather than targeting one or two varieties.


Electric lighting can draw this pest to a building. The bugs may enter your house if they find holes in window screens or gaps under nearby doors. Remember to close your curtains at night, and try not to place lamps near windows.


Stink bugs seek warm places to infest during the late autumn and winter. When they find a heated building, these insects search for empty spaces in the walls or attic.

This pest will release a pheromone if it locates an appealing winter retreat. The chemical attracts fellow stink bugs and may cause them to gather in large numbers. They proceed to find safe hiding places and hibernate.

These insects normally don’t eat food after they invade a building. They only intentionally enter homes in an effort to stay warm. You needn’t worry about the consequences of keeping pears or sunflower seeds in your kitchen.

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