What Foods Attract Ants?

There are many different breeds of ants, and controlling them is often difficult if you do not understand the type of ant that is infesting your area. The different types of ants have their own unique behaviors, which includes reproductive and eating habits. When you know what kinds of foods attract ants, you can take the steps necessary to protect your home or business against an infestation. Our professional team is also available to answer any specific questions you may have about ant control procedures. This may include preventative techniques as well as maintenance throughout the year.

Foods that Attract Ants

Although many ants will eat a wide variety of foods, there are certain specific smells that may trigger an ant infestation. When you understand how to package and store your food properly, you can enjoy having these foods in the home without attracting a scout ant. Store your foods in a container that has an airtight lid. The container could be made from plastic or glass. Once your fruits ripen, you should put them inside of the refrigerator immediately.

1. Sweet foods: Sweet foods attract almost every type of ant. They like the smell of sugar, syrup and fruit. They will quickly surround a piece of food after it has been discovered by a scout ant. Leftover sweets from parties or holiday events will often attract ants, and this includes any crumbs that may drop on the floor.

2. Greasy foods: Some ants like proteins, and they will eat anything that has this type of nutritional content. They prefer foods that have lots of fat or grease, and this can include wrappers from meals that have already been consumed. An example of this is the wrappers from a fast food restaurant.

3. Trash: Pavement ants are notorious for eating anything that might fall onto the ground. This includes the contents of items like discarded wrappers, bubble gum and other trash. To minimize the risk of an ant infestation, store your trash in containers that have sealed lids, and keep them a reasonable distance from the home.

Bug Man Exterminating

Our comprehensive services can help you to understand the cause of the pest infestation. We can provide various tips and tricks that will help you to minimize the level of pest incursion into your home or office building. The products we use are designed to enhance the level of protection all year long. Maintenance work can also be done on a periodic basis to keep the property from the different types of ants that inhabit this area. For additional information, or to set up an appointment with a pest-control expert, contact Bug Man Exterminating today.