Protect Yourself Against Ticks

When the weather becomes sunny and warmer, all that you want to do is soak up the sun and read a book in the grass. Unfortunately, you’re not the only one who will be out enjoying the warmth. Tick season has begun, which means that you will need to take precautionary steps to avoid contracting Lyme disease. Keep reading to see how you can protect yourself from ticks and Lyme disease this year.

Wear Protective Clothing

When you’re outside, it is best to wear long sleeved shirts and pants. Wear lighter colors in order to see if any ticks are on you. If you plan on walking, hiking or biking on a trail, you should be sure to be covered as much as possible. Try tucking your pants into your socks so that ticks do not have easy access underneath your clothing. Spray yourself with a strong chemical repellent that contains DEET, as this will help repel ticks as well.

Keep Out of Tick Infested Areas

This may not always be possible, as you won’t know where ticks are located. However, you can try to avoid certain areas that are most likely inhabited by ticks. When walking on trails, be sure to stay on the main path. Don’t stray into the brush, as you can easily find ticks there. Keep out of tall grass. If you are in a forest, try to avoid touching bushes and plants.

Check Yourself for Ticks

After you are outside, even if it is for only a short period of time, check yourself thoroughly for ticks. Be sure to check all family members and pets that have been outside as well. If you happen to find a tick on you, remove it with tweezers, making sure that you remove the entire tick (especially its head). The faster that you locate a tick on yourself and then remove it, it is less likely that you will contract Lyme disease (it takes about 36 hours for a tick to infect an individual).

These helpful tips are ways to stay safe from ticks and Lyme disease this season. If you find yourself experiencing signs of Lyme disease, such as fatigue, severe headaches and stiffness and rashes, seek medical attention right away. For more information on tick and pest control, contact Bug Man Exterminating today!