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"Quality and Service 1st" embodies the Bug Man Exterminating philosophy. We take pride in being Pest Control Professionals, we understand our client's needs, and we strive to provide the best cost-to-service ratio in the industry.

Bug Man Exterminating | Pest Control in Roanoke VA, Blacksburg & Christiansburg

Have cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, stink bugs or other pests invaded your home? Get them under control. Bug Man Exterminating is Southwest Virginia’s complete resource for pest control treatments, serving Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg and the surrounding cities.  From termite inspections and treatments to bed bug or stink bug treatments, Bug Man Exterminating is the company to call for the best Pest Control solutions around!

Green Pest Control Solutions

More and more, our Roanoke pest control clients are requesting treatments that are not only safe for their family and pets, but also safe for the environment. Bug Man Exterminating has the green pest control solution. As a GreenPro Certified pest control company, we use BASF – MotherEarth and Nisus Green Pest Solutions, industry-leading green product lines that are both eco-friendly and effective.  Ask about our Bed Bug Steam Treatment…using high temperature steam to kill bed bugs and their eggs!

Quality & Service 1st

At Bug Man, our philosophy is “Quality and service first.” When you call our offices, you’ll always receive courteous service as well as expert advice and effective pest treatments. Bug Man Exterminating takes pride in being Roanoke’s pest control experts.  Whatever your problem with pests…termites, bed bugs, stink bugs, ants, spiders or some other creepy crawly, we take the time to understand your needs and always strive to provide the best cost-to-service ratio in the pest control industry.

Got Stink Bugs?

Our trained technicians will implement our highly-effective stink bug removal process to help you get rid of stink bugs in your home for good. Our process includes:

  • Inspection: We thoroughly evaluate your home for existing points of entry and assess the current threat and infestation levels.
  • Elimination: Our proven stink bug control measures ensure the offensive pests are removed from your space in a manner that minimizes odor and greatly reduces the odds of attracting more of their kind.
  • Prevention: You’ll not only get Roanoke, VA’s best stink bug control system, but a thorough education on how best to prevent them from coming back again.

Termite Control – Protect Your Home from Termite Infestations

Bug Man Exterminating offers thorough termite inspections. We look for high moisture content areas, discarded wings, mud tunnels as well as live termites themselves. Our expert pest management technicians know just where to look and know what factors to take into consideration such as your property’s location and the length of time since your last termite inspection or treatment. We educate our customers on what to watch for both around the home and in their landscaping to decrease the possibility of termite infestations. In regards to termite treatment, Bug Man Exterminating uses the latest state of the art products and most technologically advanced equipment to provide our customers with the most effective termite control available.

When it comes to termite pest control, you need an exterminator with the experience and expertise to give your home the protection it deserves. Bug Man offers a wide variety of treatments for Roanoke termite infestations, so whether you’re already seeing termite swarms or would like to prevent them, we have a course of action for you.
Learn more about our termite control and prevention options.

Common Pests to Control in Roanoke, Blacksburg & Christiansburg VA

Call our award-winning Roanoke pest control company toll free 1-888-345-BUGS (2847) to quickly eliminate termites, bed bugs, stink bugs, spiders, ants, or other pest infestations in your home or business. Bug Man Exterminating serves customers in the following areas: Roanoke, Vinton, Salem, Botetourt, Franklin County / Smith Mountain Lake, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Radford, Bedford, Pulaski, Dublin, Wytheville and Lynchburg, VA.

Residential Home Pest Control Service

Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders, Silverfish, Earwigs, Fleas and More

Ant Control

There are about 10,000 different species of ants and they can live almost anywhere! Ants are very social insects that live in nests that protect them both from their enemies and weather elements. They most often build their nests close to water and food sources, which means they can be a nuisance pest when they come inside your home or business looking for nourishment. Some ant species nest in the ground; often under the concrete slabs of patios, and yet other species are found in wood; such as fence posts or within buildings. Whether you have ants marching across your kitchen counters or pacing along your porch, Bug Man Exterminating’s ant control services can remove these irritating insects for you.

Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches are highly adaptable insects, surviving conditions where most other insects would be extinct. Because of their resilient nature roaches are one of the more difficult pests to control and it’s a great idea to call a professional pest control company like Bug Man Exterminating if you encounter cockroaches in your living and working places. Cockroaches are not only a nuisance but a definitive health hazard as they carry bacteria on their bodies that is transmitted to humans. The main diseases spread are many different forms of gastroenteritis including food poisoning, diarrhea and dysentery. If you spot even just a few cockroaches in your home or business, you can be sure there are more hiding behind the scenes. Call Bug Man Exterminating for complete cockroach extermination.

Silverfish, Earwigs, Spiders and More

Silverfish are active at night and prefer damp places such as basements, behind wallpaper and baseboards, around window and door frames and in kitchens and bathroom sinks and bathtubs. They require a large supply of starchy foods or molds and are therefore considered a nuisance pest as they love to feed on wallpaper pastes, books, papers and natural textiles. They also feed on mold or fungi. Silverfish are fast moving and can travel throughout vast expanses of buildings quickly. Whether you find silverfish trapped in your sinks and bathtubs or anywhere else on your premises, call Bug Man Exterminating to remove them.

Earwigs are mostly nocturnal, scavenging at night for decomposing plant materials and dead insects. Some are often attracted to lights which can be bothersome around your front and back entry doors at night. During the day, earwigs will hide under organic matter such as mulch, leaf litter, pine straw and other debris. They prefer dark and damp areas and will also shelter under sidewalks and stones. Earwigs gain entry into home and businesses through doors, windows and other openings. Their large populations build up quickly around foundations and they are often a major problem in new subdivisions. It is therefore important to call Bug Man Exterminating early to remove earwig infestations. This will also help to control other insects like centipedes, millipedes and sow bugs that share the same harborage areas.

It seems as though there are just as many different reasons to deal with a spider infestation, as there are various types of spiders. From the fatally poisonous spiders, to the harmless but annoying species, it is extremely difficult to know which kind of spider species you are dealing with. For example, the innocuous domestic house spider looks a lot like the dangerous hobo spider. It you see spiders in your home or business, it is best to call a professional like Bug Man Exterminating that can tell the difference and treat accordingly.

Flea Control Services

The hardy body of a flea is able to withstand great pressure; even squeezing one hard between your fingers is normally insufficient to kill it. Some people and animals suffer allergic reactions to flea saliva which often results in itchy rashes. Each flea bite generally results in the formation of a slightly raised, swollen spot with a single puncture point at the center. Flea bites often occur in clusters and can remain irritated and inflamed for up to several weeks after the initial bite. In animals, fleas can also lead to hair loss as a result of the frequent scratching and biting by the animal, and they can even cause anemia in extreme cases. Bug Man Exterminating has a comprehensive flea control program that is effective in stopping these unwanted pests. Contact us for more details about praying your yard for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other pests.

Stinging Insect Removal

Many stinging insects such as wasps, bees, hornets and yellow jackets are social pests that live in colonies with a caste system of labor. During the spring and summer seasons the workers are out in abundance, gathering protein to feed the nests. Some stinging insects like hornets and yellow jackets are very aggressive and territorial and will sting when provoked or if they feel threatened. Stinging insects can also become a problem when they build their nests under eaves and ledges or close to properties. If you are experiencing a problem with stinging insects, call Bug Man Exterminating for a pest inspection without delay!

Rodent Control (Rat and Mice Extermination)

Rodents cause many serious problems to home and business owners from property damage to spreading disease directly through contact with rodents, their urine and droppings as well as indirectly through the fleas, lice and ticks they carry. They prefer to gnaw on wood, but can also damage electrical wiring. Rodents are nocturnal will often enter buildings at night looking for food and water sources. They will eat almost any type of food and rats will often obtain water from pet water bowls, toilets and sinks. Mice obtain the water they need from the food they eat. Rats live in large colonies and as the rat family grows, more burrows are built which can result in a network of underground tunnels. If the population grows large enough, rats may be found in the attic and ceiling areas as well as lower levels of the property. Mice nests can be found in walls, ceiling voids, drawers, storage boxes and under major appliances. Rodents are good climbers, jumpers and swimmers. Unfortunately they are suspicious of changes in the environment and new foods etc. so it is important to call rodent experts like Bug Man Exterminating to rid them from your place for good. Effective rodent control and removal is often an integral part of comprehensive commercial pest control program. Call today to discuss you rat and mice control needs.

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